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I live in phoenix and have several rose plants (perfect climate) anyway how do i take care of them?

like pruning, watering, soil ect.
I live in phoenix and have several rose plants (perfect climate) anyway how do i take care of them?
I have found the perfect answer for every garden question anyone could have. Perfect because the answer comes for a plant expert trained for conditions right in my own neighborhood. What works for someone in Illinois may not work for you in Phoenix. But a plant expert who lives %26amp; gardens in Phoenix is who you want advise from. Contact your local univ extension office and ask to speak with a MASTER GARDENER. I know your state has a great MASTER GARDENER program %26amp; Phoenix has some of the best MASTER GARDENERS in your state. They are highly trained volunteers by the univ of arizona just to answer questions from home gardeners just like you. It's a free service %26amp; you will always get the BEST ANSWER for every question you have on Roses or anything else in you yard.
Reply:i like my roses on the bush ..... i let it bloom till the petals fall off or look bad then i trim the bud off just below the first set of 5 leaves

when watering i only water 10 to 12 inches from the base ... never in the leaves this helps the roots to " look " for water and wont mold or burn the leaves

i use a rose food.... again not on the plant just around the base a few inches from the plant

the soil ph is sort of acidic for roses once a month i add a soil acidifier but you should check your soil first to measure the ph

some roses grow H I P S so don't dead head the rose if you want H I P S

H I P S are found on a lot of older roses OLD meaning when they were found or created they are like a seed and grow orange or red ..... they can start new roses with some types or there are recipes you can make tea or butter from them

( cool huh )

its important to know what rose you own .... there are many rose varieties and caring for them can differ from rose to rose

is it a bush shrub climber rambler tree or mini ... see what i mean lol

this sight has been invaluable its free and has more info than one person could ever know i hope it helps
Reply:What I do, is--when the rose blooms, I either enjoy it on the bush or in the house, but I cut it off and start the 'pruning', before Fall gets here.

I'm not in Phoenix, but I DO know you enjoy them first and you can prune them right off to do that, in a vase!!!

I bought a Hybrid Tea Rose and OMIGOSH! that rose is the best smelling rose I have ever smelled. I think the name of it was "PEACE". It is yellow with a red rim. Awesome!!

I'd water every chance I got,or when you see the leaves droopy.

Can I give my adult female rabbit rose leaves?

She had some earlier and I'm not sure if she's allowed to have that in her diet or if it's toxic to her. Any help?
Can I give my adult female rabbit rose leaves?
There are a lot of garden plants that rabbits can eat and roses are one garden plant that rabbits can eat every part of.
Reply:Yes, rabbits can eat rose leaves providing they don't have pesticides etc on them and aren't brown.

Rose leaves would be a normal part of a wild rabbits diet.
Reply:no it is not toxic ,but rose leaves is not in her diet,
Reply:If I was you I wouldn't give rose leaves to a rabbit
Reply:Rabbits, would tottally eat any type of vegetation, even though it's not in their diet, try not to feed them roses, they are'nt toxic.

Feed them rabbit food or leaves from trees, or even carrots :D

Hope this helps!
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Has anyone ever heard of a rose stone?

I think that is what it is called. It looks like a pinkish peach pit and smell pretty. I was given one as a kid and would lilke to get some for around the house.
Has anyone ever heard of a rose stone?
oh I know what you're talking about! I got one too when I was a kid. sorry though, I haven't seen one in 30 years. if ya find one let me know, they were great to put in your clothing drawers and closets.
Reply:I haven't ever heard of it but I googled it and it seems that it has something to do with Primavera fragrances. Thats all I could find. Sounds wonderful.
Reply:You probably talk about the Rose quartz which is one of the most desirable varieties of quartz. The pink to rose red color completely unique, unlike any other pink mineral species. Rose quartz is used as an ornamental stone and as a gemstone.

Where can I find a black rose?

It has to be in Kansas City, Missouri. It is for my boyfriend in Iraq he wants on and I don't know where to find it.
Where can I find a black rose?
any where all you need is a can of flat black paint
Reply:burgess or michigan bulb .com
Reply:To the best of my knowlege, there is no black rose (yet), although many breeders have been trying for one for decades. Very dark purple roses DO exist; for information about them, contact the American Rose Society.
Reply:IN HELL !!!
Reply:Here in INDIA they give any colors using color sprays.

So spray a black color.

There are no black color Roses.

Besides Black is no a good sign.

Layers wear black coats,I asked them why black?.

They said it is a sign and pity for their clients who loose.
Reply:There is no black rose in nature.
Reply:go to a florist there are no real black roses only very dark red roses called black roses............if they can't help manybe a black garden he he !!:-0.........oh !!!!!!!!!!
Reply:try buying white rose seeds and plant them in a pot and water them with black die in the water. It will work with any white flower and die.
Reply:anywhere north they grow in cold weather
Reply:r u serious ? is it available ?
Reply:There are none. Some people will spray paint a rose with black paint. It is a sign of death %26gt;%26gt; a black rose %26lt;%26lt;. Looks like you did"nt know that--- but your boyfriend in Iraq does. Don"t send him one------he"s having to deal with life and death events there ---- send your love instead-- and pictures .
Reply:1. Why the heck are you sending someone a black rose? The black rose is a curse, generally a death curse.

2. There's not such thing as a black rose, although they grow some pretty dark reds that look black when they're still a bud.

3. If you're really insistent, get a black silk rose at a crafts store - like Michaels or AC Moore.
Reply:Send away for a Jackson Perkins catalog or check them out on line. They have all kinds of roses.
Reply:iN HELL
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  • My rose bushes will not blossom why?

    i have used rose fertilizer and plant food on them. they grow nice but no flowers.
    My rose bushes will not blossom why?
    Check the fertilizer you're using...My guess is that it contains a lot of nitrogen...OK quick fertilizer 101-There a always three numbers on any fertilizer you buy; the first is always nitrogen, the second is always phosphorus, and the third is always potash...Nitrogen, makes a plant grow up, and turn green, phosphorus, promotes strong root growth, and blooming; and potash is an all around tonic...When fertilizing blooming plants I fertilize with a normal fertilizer the first 2-3 times, then I switch to a "bloom booster" these products vary considerably; look for a product where the second number is higher than the first...Also it sounds like you're OVER fertilizing...plant food, and fertilizer, are the same might want to stop feeding(fertilizing)...
    Reply:Are they getting full sun? Don't feed them anymore for 6 weeks or so.
    Reply:roses need a TON of full sun...i had one small one do that, and had to transplant it...

    How to preserve/save a cut rose, stem and all?

    Ive heard hairsray but that doesnt work. I also heard wax could do it. Is there a better way or is wax the best and if it is how do i do it?
    How to preserve/save a cut rose, stem and all?
    Here's a link you might find useful:

    And more:

    You can get a LOT of info by just doing a search like I did for "How to dry flowers". I came up with this:

    LOTS of info there! ;) GOOD LUCK!!!!
    Reply:press it in the middle of a really big book until u need it

    it might be fragile in a few months and years
    Reply:Hang it upside down until it dries.
    Reply:does wax really work? I heard that some stores, like flower stores sell a spray. Here there is a store called Micheals, that I heard would have it. I don't know if you have that store there or not.
    roots rain

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